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Here is another fantastic and free tip to how to make your grips feel like new. Like I've said before we often see people pick up golf clubs and they judge the club on the feel. Now what they're really judging is the grip, now if your grips are old and they are worn then you can give them all a really good clean and that would be a first place to make your clubs feel better immediately. But actually if you’ve got a corded grip, now a corded grip you'll often see little flakes of white just running through the grip and it's like a string or a cord that runs through the grip and the reason manufacturers put that in a grip because it makes the club feel a little bit nicer in your hands particularly on wet days because the cord will absorb some of the moisture. But over time as you're playing the cord gets a little bit embedded in the rubber and it gets a little bit embedded with grease and grime of your hands.

So a really great way of making these cords stand out and stand all like new again is take a blade from a carpentry knife or a Stanley knife I would call it or pen knife maybe and just run it across the top of the cord as if you're trying to scrape something off the grip and that’s effectively what you're doing. You're scraping off the top coat of the dirt and the grease and the grime, you're trying to expose the new cord, give that a good warm [solvent] then give it a good dunk and a wash in washing up liquid as well, give it a nice good dry and a clean and I promise you your grips will feel like new. And again that’s a free way of making your clubs last maybe another six months to a year without an expensive grip change or without trading in the whole set just because the grips don’t feel like they did the day you bought them. Keep your grips in good condition to keep your clubs lasting longer.