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Video Transcript

How many swing thoughts should I go out on to the golf course with? Now, probably the easiest answer to this question is none at all if possible. If you can go on to the golf course and you’ve practiced enough that your swing is grooved into the correct positions, you can go on to that golf course, see the target and hit the shot. That is what the best professionals can do when they're in what's called in the zone. If a golf professional is in the zone they can switch off from all technical thoughts just focus on the target and just hitch the shots that they need to hit. They don’t need to think about any technical swinging positions.

However, for a lot of players, this is almost impossible to do because they’ve been brought up with the idea that they need to make sure swing positions are correct if they want to hit the best shots. Now if you go on to the golf course and you simply can’t let go of your swing thoughts and you need to think of something my advice to you would be to keep the swing thoughts as simple as possible. So a swing thought could be swing smooth, have a nice rhythm, make sure the ball position is correct, make sure your spine angle or your posture is good, make sure your stance width is appropriate.

Something which is simple and often something which is pre-swing; something that you don’t even have to think about when you’re taking the club back and around. This is the best way to make sure you play consistent golf. If you’re unsure, give it a go. Just have one round where you're free from any swing thoughts. You’re not allowed to think of anything except the target. And I think you’d be quite surprised at how often your swing will stay where you want it to.

In an ideal world, get out of the driving range, practice your technique and your positions there, groove them, become confident with them, take them out to the course and then let them soak in and forget about them. If you can do that, that’s how you’ll be able to get in to the zone, that’s how you’ll be able to get into a nice little scoring bubble and it’s how you’re going to be able to shoot your best scores. So give it a go, no swing thoughts and see how you get on.