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So now we look at the rule that deals with the order of play. Now most often on the golf course people are just going to play in the right turn. There is going to be no problems relating to the rules. But sometimes people get a bit edgy in match play and that sort of thing. That oh he took me on or I should have had a go first. So there is a rule about the order of play. And when you get to the first tee generally the people tee off in the order their names are written on the scorecard, if they've been written down by the committee. Alternatively people will generally play in reverse handicap order. So the better player plays. So first tee, better player tees off, and then down the handicap order.

From the fairway towards the green, we're going to go in furthest distance away from the hole. So whoever is the farthest back from the hole, they're going to play first on to the green. It’s just a safe, it’s just the easiest, it’s just the best way to play. The only time we might break that rule is if someone is struggling, someone is looking for ball, someone has being too slow. Somebody else might go ahead of them, but then probably just okay with them first. Is it okay if I carry on while you're looking for your ball, cool right. And then I'll play my ball up onto the green.

When we get to the green, again the farthest person away from the hole is going to putt first. The only difference might be is if the hole is here, I tap my ball up and it finishes right on the edge of the hole. There's no point really marking that ball and then stepping back waiting for -- waiting for everybody else. It just takes too long. I'll say guys, you're okay if I just finish that one off. Yep, no problem, okay, stand and finish that ball off and then I can move out of the way. So I’ve effectively played out of turn, but if everyone agrees, that's okay. No problem at all.

In match play generally we stick to playing in turn, because it's a match directly against each other. And if the ball was so short and so near to the hole, we’d probably give the putt anyway. So in matchplay, you can give away putt. You can say right you can have that one. We still count the one shot for the ball going in the hole. You don't actually have to put the ball in the hole yourself. You can keep it. If there's any discrepancy about, well we look at the same distance away from the hole, who can go first. We’ll probably just have a toss of a coin for that one to decide who goes first.

And the other issues with order of play might be, if I need a provisional ball. So I’ve hit my ball. It's got into the trees. I’ve decided I need to hit a provisional. I wait until the end. I wait until everyone else has played that ball off the tee. Then I would rehit my ball. I'm not allowed to run down and grab another ball and whack it straight away. I have to wait until the end. Hopefully that solves any issues with the order of play, and you don't fall foul of that rule either.