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Video Transcript

As you setup the golf ball with a driver, one of the things you might concentrate on doing is actually hovering the golf club behind the golf ball in the address position. Something you will see a lot of the players doing on the TV, they will set themselves up in the normal position here probably with the golf club on the ground. And once they are comfortable taking that grip the club will come off the floor and it might never actually settle back down behind the ball again. Lot of players keep the club hovering here in your address position there as soon as the golf club touches down against the ground there is maybe a feeling that you grip the club a little tighter you get a little bit pressing the golf club down into the floor where it’s hovering the golf club just keeps the grip a little bit lighter in the fingers. There is also the fact that when you swing your driver the club shouldn’t hit the ground when you actually strike the ball so if you start on the floor you must be raising the club slightly ready for impact and if you don’t feel comfortable doing that start the club just half an inch in the air which is the position the club would want to come back to as well. Also if you have the club on the ground and you sweep it back away from the ball in this nice wide arching stroke that we want there is a risk that the club will actually drag across the floor first, depended on the condition of the grass and the unevenness of the teeing ground, that might just create a little bit of a snag as you swing back through that. So we want to keep the club nicely up in the air, little bit of a waggle just in the address position to keep us relaxed and smooth lift it up half an inch, swing smoothly and bring it back down to the same level it left from. And if you can keep the club hovering it address with your driver that might just help a smoother tempo and a better strike of the tee. Up in the air, little bit of a waggle and away we go.