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Are you allowed to hit your driver from the fairway? This is a two part question really because are you allowed to? Yes, you are allowed to, there is nothing in the rules, you are allowed to putt with this thing, if you want to play out of bunker, if you wanted to, does it mean it is a smart choice? No, so you can play your driver from the fairway should you? 99% of the time, no. Very occasionally it becomes like a hero shot for somebody, big power five, ball setting up nicely they want to try and hit it out as far as they can, but more often than not it’s a bit of a macho thing. If you were to play it, let’s just say you were to play it and you got a set of conditions that were massive long hole, into a head wind, quite wide and a good lie this is like the planet it’s all aligning for one shot then maybe you would take your driver off the fairway. If you were to play it, you would play it slightly differently to a shot you would normally hit from the, from the tee. You would play the ball so it doesn’t sit right up next to your front foot, but you would play it just slightly back a little bit. You would then try and keep your body weight more on top of the golf ball rather than leaning back quite so much and you would play it with a slightly descending blow trying to sweep up and hit it up in the air like you are doing a driver up on a tee peg, it’s probably going to mean the club grounding out and effectively being hit fat first. So we play the ball so it sits just slightly back of the, the front foot bodyweight more on top of it with a nice firm downward strike. And the ball comes out very, very low and probably does nearly 40 to 50% of its distance on the floor, this isn’t going to be one of those towering drives that shoots up in the air, it’s low, it’s forceful, its forwards and it’s chasing down there. Drive fairway, big power five into the wind that might work. Are you allowed to hit your driver from the fairway? Yes, should you? Probably not.