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Should you use a heavier putter to smooth out your stroke and make your putts more consistent? A simple answer to this is yes to heavy putters. I think most people would agree that when they pick up a good quality putter and it sits nicely in their hands, they can feel it’s a bit more solid, a bit heavier. Generally the sort of the -- outer putter, the first putter you might have had with you beginners set is generally going to be a bit light and a bit flimsy. And unless you’re playing albeit on the very, very fastest greens, a heavier putter is going to be more consistent for you. Sometimes to really have a putter on fast greens might hit the ball a bit too far, a bit too hard; but generally speaking a heavy putters is definitely going to work well for you.

It’s quite nice also to get a putter like this one; it’s actually got the unscrewable weights on the bottom; so there’s a bottom plate here, a base plate, we can unscrew that putt in heavier or lighter weights due to the ground conditions or whether it’s faster or slower on the greens. But generally speaking a heavier putter will also help people who have inconsistent strokes. If your stroke tends to be a bit flicky with the hands and a bit wobbly in terms of when the club comes back and through, you’re not consistent with your stroke, you’ll often find a heavier putter almost like a pendulum rocking backwards and forwards, or a plumb bob; it’s going to help just swing back and swing through on a straighter line, the momentum in that heavier putter wants to deviate and turn off line a bit less. So if you feel it when you take the putter back and through you’re not consistent, the club is wobbling too much, and you’re not getting consistent speed; consider trying out a heavier putter.

So you can just go to the pro shop or the golf store try out different methods and different models. Some people if they got a favorite putter they really like but it’s too light, well actually add lead tape; you can pack lead tape into the crevices on a putter or on the back edge of the putter and that will add some weight that might make it feel more solid and more stable. So if your strokes are inconsistent, and your putts are inconsistent, consider changing to a heavier putter to make your stroke smoother.