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Now if you could copy one player on the PGA Tour in terms of their putting stroke, and certainly the results that the putting stroke generates, Steve Stricker would be pretty close to the top of most peoples’ list. He has been a very consistent putter for years and years. And he has a slightly different action to a lot of guys, a slightly quirky action. And it really revolves around his left wrist position. When Steve Stricker sets up to the putt, he has what is called a high left wrist, he has got a bold left wrist.

The putter sits quite high up into the air, his putter is actually longer than mine and has less aligned along and so it sits quite high here. The putter would bow forwards into his wrist this way. Now the reason why that’s quite a stable position for him is actually very difficult than hinge your wrist. You know from here the wrist wants to hinge a lot, that when we bow it that way it's very awkward to hinge. So he works on this principle having the left wrist nice and high, the right wrist simply pointing quite straight down, there is very little left wrist break from that lead wrist.

Down here it flicks more, up here it's a lot more stable for him. So if you feel you're going to be guilty of flicking with a bottom hand and hinging the wrist too much maybe you too could learn from Steve Stricker’s high left wrist, putting through here without this breaking down too much. It certainly works well for him but it's going to continue working well for him for a number of years I'm sure.