Video Series

Video Transcript

Squaring the club face at impact is probably the most important issue within the whole of golf swing and golf swing teaching, but it’s also one of the most sort of limitedly understood and difficult things for a golfer to do. Now squaring the club face involves getting this leading edge to be pointing exactly where you want the ball to go, where you want the ball to set off, because the club face will have around 85% influence over the starting direction of the shot. So regardless of your swing direction or swing position, where the face points is about 85% the priority in terms of where that ball sets off.

Now we know that aiming the golf club at the start position is important. We can pick out targets out, we can aim our club at the target, but during the swing this club goes on a big journey, it doesn’t just come back through, even with putting it’s important to square the club face up. And that’s hardly enough as it is, you know we’ve all missed short puts where we’ve had the club face pointing in the wrong direction, and that club only moves back about a foot, nine inches to a foot and straight through again.

But actually when we’re swinging this golf club look at the journey it goes on, that club face as soon as it moves away from the ball is no longer square to target, comes back all the way through here up into this position, that’s probably about a twenty foot circle to take all the way back there and then back down again, so it’s going on a hell of a journey and at no point does that club ever really point at a target until it gets to the vital seconds of impact and it points at target for a very split second and then it goes off again. So the club face points at right right right right right right, square, left left left left left, and that club face is not square to target for very long at all. So in this next little miniseries of videos we’re going to look at how we can keep that club face as square as possible for as long as possible throughout the swing. And if you do have issues with squaring that club face up, either aiming too far right or too far left, how we can try and improve your technique to hit those straighter shots by squaring the club face up more regularly.