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How can you break your golfing slump? I think as golfers we’ve all been there where we are having a period of not playing our best game. We start to doubt whether we are ever going to get back to the previous ability or certainly catching our mates because they seem to get better and better and we are slumping and getting worse and worse. But I think it was Einstein that said, “The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” So if you are on a golfing slump, stop doing what you are currently doing and try a slightly different approach. And I think it’s important to try that different approach when you are not on the golf course.

If you just flogging yourself on the golf course not enjoying it, getting worse and worse, you need to take a step back. Potentially go and see a new golf coach, go and see a coach talk him through your troubles, with our experience, people are helping people out of golfing slumps by trying new things with that swing, with the practice routines or maybe even with a mental approach. Try new things out on the driving range, not on the golf course. Trying things on the golf course if they don’t work out just deepens the slump. So get to the practice range, have plenty of go’s, try a few new different things that your golf coach or maybe even tips like these of help you try to work on. The other thing is then stay relaxed so you don’t get too tight, too tense about things and stay patient, golf is a bit of a slow burner. Very often when we try new things it might take a couple of practice sessions, a couple of weeks, even a couple of months until we really start to see the fruition of those new changes out on the golf course. But don’t give up; stay patient, try new things; that’s the best way to get out of your golfing slump.