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Video Transcript

In these next little mini series, we’re going to discuss the idea of a golfer having a slump and how they can – well why we get into slumps but more importantly how we can break out of a slump and how we can make sure our slump is not too deep. So a slump is not really a golfer just being bad, it’s a golfer who was quite good turning bad and then trying to get back up again. Almost think of it like a graph with that slump in the middle. You know if you’re just a golfer who plays at a 25 handicap level all the time, it wouldn’t be fair to say you’re in a slump. That’s just your level and that’s fine. But if you’re a 10 handicap golfer that’s now starting to play at 25 handicap level but with the view to getting back to a 10 handicap, you would say you’re in a slump. We’re trying to turn that slump around.

And slump isn’t something that’s unique to amateur and club golfers. You often see the world’s best players going through a slump. You know we’ve got this Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Rickie Fowler kind of players at the top of the world rankings at the moment but different to the Tiger Woods there that would have just had. Tiger never really seem to have a slump. For 14, 15 years he was there and thereabouts world number 1 winning majors for years and years. But these guys McIlroy and Jordan Spieth people like that they tend to come in and out of form a little bit more, little bit more patchy and you could say if they are not featured and they’ve not won a tournament for 6 months, they would probably argue that they’re in a slump and they’re trying to change that slump, trying to shallow out slump out, trying to get out of that slump.

It’s very difficult as a golfer to play at your peak level and ability the entire time. Sometimes it’s just the time you’ve got to dedicate to practice. If you’ve been away on holiday or you’re busy with work or family, you might feel that triggers off a slump and it’s how can you get back to that higher level that you were before. It might almost be this feeling that the slump always seems to happen at the wrong time. Now if you’ve had a slump in the middle of winter when you weren’t playing much golf. That’s fine. No one really minds about that. But it’s when you’ve got Captain’s Day and you’re really coming up to that middle part that someway you want to play your best golf and then suddenly you feel like you’re going into a slump and it’s getting worse. So how do we minimize that slump and how do we turn that slump around and get you back to playing your best golf? So in these next little videos we’re going to look at how these slumps happen and how we can avoid them and how we can improve for the next slump that comes along.