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Video Transcript

I'm sure one of the most frustrating shots for the club and the amateur golf for out on the golf course is the dreaded fat shot and I stress the idea of being out on the golf course because so many fat shots on a driving range get misdiagnosed or even not really noticed particularly at driving range where we are hitting off a mat because a fat shot is generally going to be seen when the club comes in and hits the ground before the ball, but on the driving range not quite often the club comes in, doesn’t hit the ball, it hits the ground but it doesn’t dig into the ground, like it does on the golf course. It hits the mat and bounces into the ball and skids if the ball…the ball slowly goes up in the air and the golfer thinks they hit the ball okay.

So we often see golfers that practice on a range hitting the ball what they consider to be well, go on to the golf course and the change between the mat and the fairway suddenly all these fat shots start to show themselves up and the club starts to hit the ground too early and this time it digs into the turf and as the club digs into the turf, the ball doesn’t fly anywhere near its full distance and that shot can be so frustrating for the golfer particularly who thinks he has practiced well, comes out on the golf course and then struggled.

And the reason why it can be so frustrating is this golf club is travelling around about 90 to 100 miles an hour just before impact. So any impact on the ball should send that ball a very long distance but as the club comes into the ball travelling 80-90 miles an hour, it then hits the ground. Now the ground is not going to give way very often, it’s pretty solid. So the club hits into the turf, slows the club down massively and the ball just limply pops forward. Now I'm going to deliberately hit a fat shot here for you and so I stress the word deliberately, so we are now claiming this with a bad one. This is deliberate bad one, so a fat shot, so full power hit the ground and the ball only goes till there.

Now you see massive chunk of divot, now a decent size divot in the right place will produce great shots, but a big divot in the wrong place is going to be cause me big problems. Now that divot was probably about the width of my hand there, say four or five inches, the wrong side of the ball, so from five inches of the mistake, which isn’t a massive mistake really, this club travelling in 90 or 100 miles an hour little mistake of hitting the ground before the ball and the ball goes no more than 25 yards, bit plume of dirt goes open to the air and the ball goes no distance at all.

Now there’s lots of different reasons why golfers can fat the golf ball and there is next a mini series of videos. We are going to look how that can happen and how hopefully you can eradicate the fat shots from your game.