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Video Transcript

In this next little section of videos, we’re going to talk about blocking the golf ball. Blocked shots, what are they? Why do they happen and how that can affect your game? So let's first establish well what is a blocked shot. Let's imagine we've got a target line. It’s down over this red sign right out in front of me and into the distance. That’s my intended straight shot. A blocked shot would generally be some degree to the right-hand side of that for the right handed golfer. But the ball would generally fly in quite a straight line.

So a blocked shot could finish twenty yards right of the fairway exactly the same as a sliced shot could finish twenty yards right to the fairway. But they would get there in two completely different ways. Generally speaking a blocked shot would go straight out on that line flying pretty straight, not really curving much and finish twenty yards right. Whereas a slice would actually start left of the target line or straight at the target line and then move from left to right in the air and curl to finish twenty yards right of the fairway.

Now although the two shots finish in very similar positions, they are actually caused by very different motions within the golf swing. And you could often call your blocked shot your better bad shot. Now it's the same in terms of where they actually finish, but a blocked shot would actually be derived from a better swing position than a slice. Effectively a slice would be an outside swing path and a face that’s aiming to the right of that swing path. The ball would set off and cut and move. And then really to correct the slice, we need to change two elements.

We need to change the path and the face relationship. Whereas a blocked shot would often be caused by a swing path that’s coming from the inside by number of degrees. But the face angle is just square to the swing path. Now the square to the swing path means there’s not going to be much spin on the ball. It's just going to go pretty much where the face is aiming, where the path is aiming straight on that right-hand side. The consideration with that blocked shot is you could change the path to hit the ball straighter or you could change the face to hit the ball with a drill.

Either way there's only one mistake within that blocked shot rather than the two mistakes with a slice so. In these next videos let's investigate how we can improve on this blocked shot.