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So you feel that you could benefit from taking a similar grip on a golf club as Zack Johnson and that slightly stronger grip position. How do we want to do that and how do we make the change to decide well, that could work for me? So generally, a strong grip might be producing a lower ball flight and a drawing ball flight. So therefore if your current golf shot is the exact opposite of that, a high cutting golf shot may be the drawing swing or the, sorry, maybe the strong grip to encourage the draw swing as something you want to move towards. So a strong grip does not imply the actual grip pressure. It’s not about how tightly we squeeze the golf club. Zack Johnson isn’t in his strong grip holding the club tightly. The strong is an inference of the position of the hands. So actually when he puts his left hand or his upper hand on the grip, he’s going to be able to count three knuckles. So when you put your hand on, look closely down at the back of your hand and see if you can count three knuckles. Sometimes it’s helpful to do that actually when you're not wearing a glove. Look down and see whether you can see the three knuckles.

Because the right – sorry, because the left thumb is to the right on the grip and the fingers are quite a long way round as well, when the right hand meets and goes on, we’re probably going to feel the right hand can’t come back over the top into the traditional sort of very position you might see in the golf manuals. It's going to sit a little bit more to the right as well. And that means that the hands are in unison. They’re both in a slightly strong position. Again, strong isn’t tight. They’re just in a stronger than mutual position where they have more influence. They can do a little bit more work.

So left hand is around to the right, right hand is also around to the right. That’s a strong grip. My grip pressure is nice and mutual and relaxed but my hands now want to do a little bit more work. They want to close that club face down a little bit more through the impact zone making the golf ball flight slightly lower and slightly more from right to left. So you're struggling currently with the ball flight that’s high in left to right in cutting, maybe changing to a strong grip is something that you could consider.