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Video Transcript

As you start to improve as a golfer and as you start to particularly reduce the amount of the over the top motion that you are having in your golf swing, if you stop bringing the club more down, better line, more inside the line of the golf ball, you will start to notice quite a big difference in terms of how the ball flight as it sets off down the fairway. Now obviously as a golfer, yes we want you to improve, we want you to get better, we want you to take this change on board but we also need to appreciate how the ball will fly differently and how you can compensate for this new and improved ball flight when you play.

Generally, as an out to in swinger or as a sort of an over the top swinger of the club, you see this sort of ball flight that comes from the outside, zooms up into the air, doesn’t go very far and spins violently left to right. So as a golfer now who is hopefully learning to bring the club down on a better line and hit through the ball with the straighter angle of attack and straighter swing path position, you will start to see the golf ball traveling a little bit straighter and actually a lot further. So in the past you might have aimed down the left hand side, allowing for the cut, you no longer need to do that, you can actually aim a lot straighter. You might have had to hit a five iron from a 150 yards because your five irons was just going to cut the ball into the air and not go very far. Now with a better swing your five iron might start going a lot further. So again you can learn a new club distances.

One thing you might notice is you know as the ball lends its got a bit more back, sorry it’s got a bit less backspin on it. In the previous one when you were coming over the top, you would have created lots and lots of backspin, the ball would have gone shooting up into the air and started to stop when it landed on the green. But now with the new and improved swing path position, you will probably notice a slightly lower more penetrating ball flight which again, adds distance, but the one downside for that might be that when it lends on the green, it doesn’t come down to a standstill as quickly. So just be conscious of the club that you are hitting into the green, might not backspin as much which is a good thing, generally with your bigger clubs that might just feel a little bit of a difficulty with just something to adjust to when you are nearer to the green with your shorter irons. So consider that your new and improved golf swing needs better alignment and it’s going to require a club that doesn’t have to hit the ball quite so far because it’s going to go further anyway but when you get near the green, just adjust for the amounts of spin that not coming over the top will now start to give you.