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Video Transcript

That’s one of my left-handed golf swings. Now the aim of that left-handed drill is if I just put my left hand in the middle of my eight iron, well on little tee peg just to help me out and as I make that swing back, my focus is to rotate my upper body fully to turn right to the top and then I can drive all the way back through. And that drill is excellent for golfers that might feel they don’t fully commit to a balanced shoulder rotation. If the golfer is too prone to lifting the golf club up with hands and the arms and they don’t fully rotate the shoulders they might feel, they just chopped down and because the hands are too dominant the body therefore takes a back seat and doesn’t do enough work, the hands and the arms do too much and it gets a bit choppy. So the left hand only drill is a great exercise in order to fully rotate your shoulders, balanced position at the top and then swing through, because the left hand does less work, the shoulders have to compensate and do more work. That’s an excellent left hand only drill.

Now, the right-hand only drill is a little bit simpler actually, it’s a little bit easier to do and we can do this at a much lower level. So I take an eight iron again ball on a tee, grip about in the middle of the club, hand behind my back and just pop a little shot away, only needs to be a little bit of a half swing. I’m not trying to hit that too hard and too full like I did with my left-handed drill. And the focus of this shot is we actually keep the club relatively close to the ground on the take back; we don’t want to be lifting the golf club too steeply up into the air. So as you go ahead and take your setup, keep the club low to the floor, lift it to around about halfway and pop the ball forward. And the benefits of that exercise again is making sure that the right hand isn’t picking the golf club of the floor, but its sweeping it to way low and slow in the takeaway, midway back and then turning the body through.

And it stops the hands getting this aggressive lift and chop in the back swing so hopefully you can practice those two sings left and right-handed. If you’re right-handed golfer, you’ll find the right-handed generally is a little bit easy to do. So do maybe a dozen of those first with your right hand at half swing level then go to your left-handed drill and do those at full swing level because that drill has to be done up full speed and full swing because you’ve got to commit that shoulder rotation. Don’t expect fantastic results first, do in a quiet corner of the drive and range away from everyone else, where they are going to sort of stand and laugh at you if you don’t hit the ball particularly well, build on that routine. And then try that every time you feel like your hands are dominating your swing and tour body is not getting involved too much, that’s the benefit of one-handed practice.