Video Series

Video Transcript

Club selection is a hugely important and hugely overlooked aspect of playing good quality golf. You might have practiced on the driving range how you like, you might have taken a thousand lessons, you might have a picture perfect swing and hit the ball brilliantly in the air, but you shoot 90 every time you go and play. And that could be down to your course management and particularly your club selection which is an element of course management. Now the nature of the game of golf, I think the reason why we find it so interesting and addictive is that pretty much every shot on the golf course can be asking you a different question. Now that question can be answered with up to 14 different clubs. Probably the only shot you don’t really have to consider your club selection on is your putting. So anytime the ball is on the green it’s going to be a putt 99.9 percent of the time. But anything else could be pretty much any club in your bag.

Now you might say, my tee shots are always with my driver, but there might be a problem in itself, you’re always choosing a driver every time you’ve got the ball teed up. It might be cooperating issues and problems right from your first shot in each hole because there’s plenty of opportunity on the golf course to not hit driver off the tee, plenty of reasons to not hit driver off the tee. You only have to look at the world’s best players, I’ve just recently watched Henrik Stenson win the British Open 2016, barely hitting the driver, hitting a lot of three woods off the tee, keeping the ball and playing awful lot of the time. So it’s quite important when we stand back and reassess every single shot that we understand all these tools that we’ve got to do these jobs, all these questions that the golf course is going to ask us, and all these answers that we have in our bag. Then when we finally set up to the golf ball with the correct club we have the confidence to execute the shot we should be executing with the correct tool in hand rather than us trying to manipulate too much because we picked the wrong club or we’re scared of using a different club.

So in these next little miniseries of videos we’re going to look at how each club can affect a particular ball flight, and how selecting the right club can help you shoot the best scores you’ve ever played on the golf course.