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Video Transcript

One of the ways you can ensure that you have the best chance of actually striking the ball correctly, is to keep the eyes level throughout the swing. So that means it’s setup during the backswing and then during the downswing, keeping those eyes just along the same level and not allowing him to rise and fall. The problem is if you start to kind of keen your eyes here or to dress and then let them rise throughout the backswing, if you just swung down from this position here, you just be going straight over the top of the ball. So you would have to dip back down into your original setup position. This is all the same if they deep low on the backswing you’ll have to rise up. So it’s always easy, just to keep them nice and level, nice and still all along the same line throughout the swing.

After you’ve hit the ball you will rise up and away. That’s actually fine, after you’ve hit the ball, you can do whatever you want to, you can do a line dance for all I care. But as you’re actually hitting the ball, you want to be keeping them nice and level and along the same line. Now it’s easy said or done, because as you actually turn away you want to lift up and as you actually come down, you want to dip down a little bit. But there’re a couple kind of mental images you can use, if you do want to keep those eyes nice and leveled. Probably the easiest one, if you kind of get yourself setup and set over the ball, if you just imagine a horizontal line kind of passing through one temple, through the other down out to the left hand side and down out to the right hand side.

Just actually through kind of the middle if your temple because you’re swinging back and through, and what you want to do, you don’t want to be dipping down and lay and they kind of slip out the temples you don’t want to be standing up and then it slipped out into the cheek, she wanted to keep it nice and leveled and nice and still. So you can just keep that image into your mind while you’re swinging, keeping the eyes in a nice level position. And then after you hit the ball, after you’ve kind of swung through and release through and release through, your eyes can come up in a way that’s absolutely not an issue. Then keeping the eyes leveled throughout the set or throughout the set or throughout the swings, throughout the downswing is actually the vital if you want to be achieving the best strikes all the time.