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Video Transcript

Throughout the golf swing every part of your body has role to play because it’s a unique sporting movement that just that needs everything to be working in motion everything working in tendinum together to create the best results. So your hands have a job your arms have job, your hips have a job and one area which you can focus on which also has it own unique job is the back foot. So when you actually kind of taking the club away when you getting setup the back foot just remains static embraced against the ground. So as you turn away there is a very, very slight electoral movement normally onto the back foot and it stays nice and strong embraced, so you can turn freely and not sway too far over to your right hand side.

Now during the through swing the back foot develops a little bit more movement and it becomes a little bit more active so as you turning through with the hips, the back foot starts to rise as the hips begin to turn more and more and more until the finished position where you are upon the toe and the hips are facing down towards the target. Now that’s how you can use it throughout the swing and pushing off that back foot throughout the down swing really create more power to your shot it will deliver more of a punch down into the ball. Now the back foot can also be used to alter your alignment. Now normally with your setup you want the toes to be pretty much opposite of each other and set back down from your kind of body alignment line.
Now what you can do if you wanted to create a bit more of a draw shot is you can move your back foot further back, so it kind of alters your actual swing path and alignment and if you want to create more of a fade you can move your back foot further forward, so it creates slightly out to in swing path and a little bit of a fade shot. So that’s how you can use the back foot to alter your alignment. There are a lot of different kinds of movements created throughout the swing but you need to focus on one at a time. If you focus on everything all at once it will become too complicated. But using the back foot correctly is a sure fair way of delivering more power more stability and also delivering different alignments as you get set up.