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Video Transcript

Now if we want to be super consistent at ball striking, it’s really important that we’re consistent as golfers, and one of the things we can check on is making sure that ball position is not only in the right place but it’s in the right place every single time really consistently. So the first thing we need to try and adopt here is we need to really adopt a good pre-shot routine, so every time we set up to the golf ball, we’re going to do the same thing. So my target line down here, we’re going to aim for a red flag down in the distance, my club is pointing towards that red flag. So I’m going to approach the ball from behind and just make sure I’ve got a really good alignment, because effectively my poor alignment could affect my ball position. So I’ve got good alignment, I’m going to stand in here, straight down my target line. I’ve got my club positioned in there then I’m going to think about positioning my left foot first. I’m going to position my left foot in the right place, so if I had a driver, my left foot will pretty much just go opposite the golf ball so my heel will be in line with the golf ball, my right foot will then take it’s normal width and I’ll be set up with the correct ball position for a driver.

Now if I’m going to hit a wedge, my ball position should be in the center with the pitching wedge. So this time as I set up my club goes down pointing in the right direction, my left foot doesn’t go down opposite the ball, it goes further away and then my right foot can come in and I’ve got a good wide stance with the ball in the center. So looking at it this way around if I was taking my driver, my club goes down, my left foot goes down, my right foot takes its width, ball position is well forwards. If I was taking a pitching wedge, club goes down, left foot goes down, then the right foot goes down, and I can see my ball position is in the correct place within my stance nicely in the center. So if you want to be consistent at hitting good golf shots, you’ve got to be consistent to taking the correct address position including in that a correct ball position. It moves for different clubs, so don’t get too lazy with this, you got to keep disciplined on your ball position, set up using a good pre-shot routine, you should have better ball position for more consistent results in golf shots.