Video Series

Video Transcript

If you want to achieve the most out of your game, one thing which has to be correct, is the amounts of distance that you’re achieving. If you are a very straight hitter, that will only hit it a very short distance, you will be limited to how much you can improve, to how low you can score. Especially with the modern trends of courses which are getting longer and longer and longer, you also need to be – you need to keep up, and also hit the ball longer than ever before. Now, it should be a combination of the two, you don’t want to be hitting it actually the miles, but than 60 yards into the trees, but you don’t want to be hitting a hundred yards off the tee, if it’s just going to be reaching the very front of the fairway. It needs to be a combination of the both.

Now, you can use this lovely little release drill here, to help achieve kind of both of those aims. It’s dead simple to do, all you need to do – you don’t need any kind of equipment, just a club and a ball, just so that the driving range or on the course; probably not a competition, but just if you are on the course having a friendly match, is to get step up over the ball is normal not strong posture. And all you want to be doing here is just taking your left foot, drawing it back about half a foot. So your left foot sits significantly further back than your right foot here. Now what that will force you to do is come on an inside path, swinging from kind of in too out.

So, if I just hit a normal shot here, I’ll be coming very much from the inside and hitting the ball off to the left hand side. So, what I need to do is release very, very aggressively with my hands, so coming form this inside path and then releasing very, very quickly, so getting my forearms crossing over each other. Now, in reality or on a natural normal swing, you don’t want your forearms crossing over this quickly, before a great way to kind of groove a quicker release and a faster release and improve more distance, this is a great little way to do it. So, on a normal shot get yourself set up, withdraw the back foot, so it comes more from in to out and then really get those forearms crossing over each other.

It should come out with a little bit of a withdrawal, which again will help increase the distance, if you manage to get that release really wicking through and really going full tilt, so give that a go, use a driving range. If want to use it on the course as well by all means, but just have a bit of practice with it to start with and I’m sure that with a better quicker release, you will be able to hit the ball a lot further.