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Video Transcript

Nick Price is a professional golfer from Zimbabwe, who has won three major championships and is renowned for his very fast and very quick swing. It’s almost so quick if you blink it’s gone. However, it works for him and within the tempo that he produces, he hits some fantastic positions. And it just shows that you can have a quick swing, you can have a fast swing, but if you are hitting the correct positions, then you are going to hit correct shots. Now one of the best things – one of the very best things about Nick Price’s swing, is as he takes the club away, again with a very quick action, the club comes up in between kind of the hands here, sits in front of the hands when viewed from behind the line. The left arm sits across the shoulder line at the top of the swing, and then the club head returns to in front of the hands as he is coming through impact. And that allows him just to square the clubface and play a little bit of a natural draw. And the actual pace of his swing is so, so quick. He has a couple of waggles just before the shot, you can see him already kind of speeding up and getting very, very quick. And then as he takes the club away, club’s in front of his hands, and down and gone before you know it. But he manages to hit all those positions during the backswing and in the through swing. But he does that at his natural pace. So I wouldn’t recommend copying his swing pace if you feel uncomfortable with him. But if you live your life in a very fast pace, then it might be one which you should look at. But he is a fantastic golfer, and the positions that he hits in his swing are amazing as well. So if you fancy giving it a go check out Nick Price’s swing, and see if you can implement it into your game.