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Video Transcript

Now if you’ve done all the hard work on hinging the golf club into the right position in the back swing, it stands to reason that it’s all important to unhinge or release the golf club in the correct way in the downswing. So from this set up here, I got my 6-iron setting up to the golf ball, I feel like there’s not a great deal of hinge here as I start back I set some hinge, create 90-degree angle at the top, little bit extra as a transition I start to pull down this way. As I’m pulling down into the ball, it’s how about this hitting the ball. If I get rid of this lag and this hinge too early and then hit the ball, I’m going to find very weak shots, quite often shots that go a bit to high up in the air and potentially shots that I hit the ground a little bit too heavy.

In fact, at the point of impact, I should still have a tiny little bit of lag left, my hands aren’t exactly at my set up position, they’re actually slightly ahead of my set up position ready for impact to strike down on the ball a little bit more, utilizing that lag and that unhinging to create extra power. Now one of the keys to unhinging correctly, is to make sure that your lower body is working correctly and it wouldn’t seem particularly relevant that my hips are connected to my hands but in a way they really are, because if I get to the top of the back swing here and I flick my wrist to the ball, I’m still not going to hit the ball very far or very hard because my lower body is really not working and I’m scooping and I’m flicking and that’s not going to work well. So actually at the top of my back swing, it’s quite important that I drive my lower body to the front side, so through to the left hand side as a right handed golfer, I’m driving my body through to my left side which in turn actually puts more pressure on the club creating more lagging for the downswing to then keep turning, keep turning, keep turning, and releasing into impact extending all the way through and reaching out. So this unhinging action actually starts from using the body.

Now one other area I see a lot of golfers make a mistake with that unhinging is that they simply go too early which actually throws the club offline. So they take it to the top here and then they unhinge at this point, they throw the club out which effectively what we would we class as a casting motion, almost like you’re fishing, so you cast the gold club over this way then your body has to stop and your hands keep going, just flipping the ball down the left side in quite a weak pattern sometimes even cutting the ball back with a bit of a slice as well. So it’s important that we get to the top, we pull down creating the lag, drive the body weight to the left, release the club at the last minute with that fast unhinging action. That’s a great way of creating a much better impact position for those longer and straighter golf shots.