There are several common faults that prevent golfers from maximizing their distance off the tee, starting with the backswing turn.

    Since power is generated by the big muscles – hips, torso and shoulders – these parts must be used to their full capacity. That means a backswing where the shoulders turn 90 degrees in relation to the target line, while the hips make a 45-degree rotation.

    Easier said than done, especially if you lack the flexibility of a teenager or tour pro. Even golf’s best must stretch to get the most from their bodies, though, and many use the “flat-footed golf drill” to ingrain a powerful turn.

    Here’s how it’s done:

    1. Take your normal stance with the driver, making sure your feet are at least shoulder width apart.

    2. As you swing, keep both feet and heels planted on the ground, but turn the shoulders as you would during a normal swing. You'll feel the back and torso stretching as you reach the top.

    3. Turn until your shoulders are perpendicular to the target line, then complete the swing.
    This drill can be practiced with or without hitting a ball.

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