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Video Transcript

Now as golfers, when we’re playing around the golf course we're obviously sort of constrained by a set of rules. Now these rules are universal. The US PGA look after the rules in the States, the R&A look after the rules in Great Britain and the rest of Europe, and the rest of the world really. But actually those two governing bodies pretty much agree on every rule that we set. So we could suggest that the rules of golf all over the world are the same, and that's fantastic because that means that me playing in Europe, you playing in the States, somebody else playing in Australia, we can all judge our schools, our handicaps, our ability to the same set of rules.

Every golf course we go and play on, every different format of competition, every tournament we watch on TV, the same rules. Now there's lots of them; there’s 34 rules in the rulebook. And during this section of videos I'm going to talking you through each one of those rules, some in more detail than others. But hopefully by watching this series of videos, you’ll get a really good understanding of the rules and how they apply to you in real life situations on the golf course. And I'll be completely honest with you. I think I've got a decent understanding of the rules of golf.

But I still by no means, not every single one of those 34 and all the definitions and sub-definitions that go with it. So what I would suggest you do is similar to myself go and get yourself a rulebook. Now my rule book is a simple app on a phone. Like we all know now there's an app for everything. So I used to have paper rule books, but a paper rule book in a golf bag, it would get wet. The pages would get torn. I'd leave it in my wrong bag. But with my phone, I've always got my phone with me. It's on charge. It's always in my pocket.

If anybody needs a definition or rule, I reach into my pocket and grab it up. And like I say I think I know the rules quite well. I can find the rules in the rule book. But for this demonstration, this explanation of all the rules that we're going to go through today, I'm actually going to spend quite a lot of time referring back to the rules app. So what I'd suggest go to the App Store, go and get yourself the R&A rules app, down at the bottom you can simply pick the rule that you want to have a look at.

There's a good search function on there and it explains everything you need to know about the rule, the definitions that go with it to explain some the more complicated words and also the breach of the rule penalty. So if there's a penalty for doing it in match play or a penalty for doing it stroke play it's all covered in the app. So go and get yourself the R&A app, keep it on the phone, keep it in your pocket and you'll never miss out on a ruling again.