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So rule number 5 in the rule book now covers the golf ball. We've looked at the clubs now. We are looking at the actual golf ball. It's important that we use a golf ball that's fair for all the other players on the golf course. Now generally when you go to a pro shop and you buy some golf balls, it’s pretty safe to understand that that golf ball is going to be fair for use out on the golf course; it will all be conforming. In fact the manufacturers would be able to make golf balls that go nearly double the distance of a standard golf ball if they could play around with the rules.

But the governing bodies are quite strict on the size, the weight, the materials, the how fast the ball bounces off the club face and how far it flies, so the rules and regulations. So a golf ball is quite well governed. A couple of things you can and can't do. One thing you can't do is you are not allowed to add any foreign material to your golf ball. So you are not allowed to paint it or grease it or oil it. I don't know why you'd ever want to do these things. But if you chose to, you're not allowed to. The thing you can't do with the golf ball, is you can't play with a damaged golf ball.

So if you hit a shot and you slice the golf ball and it has cut in it, and it’s visibly damaged or visibly out of shape, you're not allowed to play with that golf ball. You'd have to exchange it at the next hole. A couple of other things you are not allowed to do with the golf ball, is you are not to change it every hole. Sorry, you’ll change it at every hole. You are not allowed to change the type every hole. So if I’ve got a tier list one on the next I'll hole, I’ve a tier list one on the next hole, I’ve a tier list one. Just because I am very rich and I want to change them like a tour player every time. That would be okay.

But I won’t be able to use a hard ball on one hole and then a soft ball on the next hole, and another hard ball on the next hole just to see the playing conditions. I have to stick to the type of golf ball as much as I can. I'm not allowed to chop and change too much. So I try and play with a similar sort of brand of golf ball most of the way I am at. It’s lot to help improve your as well. Don't add anything to the golf ball and then don't play with a damaged golf ball, and that will you rules free when it comes to looking after the golf ball.