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So this next ruling now covers moveable and immoveable obstructions. Now there are two different types of obstructions. Immovable as in the road I'm standing on, it will very difficult for me to move this. So this is covered by a different ruling, so maybe the white post over here which is a movable obstruction which we’ll cover in a second. So if you've driven the golf ball on to the path, the first thing to check is, are there any local rules about paths, sometimes written on the back of the scorecard. If there's lots of paths around the golf course, often there will be rules relating to them as well. Now in this situation an immovable obstruction, I'm actually at a free drop off the cart path.

Now the free drop is taken away from the hole. I'm never allowed to drop that takes me nearer to the hole. So I couldn't be dropping on this side and then hitting on to the green there. I would drop off the bat. Ideally I would mark the position of the ball then I would mark the position of where I want to drop the ball. Now it’s going to have to be full relief. I wouldn't be able to stand here one foot on, one foot off. I would be full relief and it's my nearest point of relief. So I’d put a marker in the ground here in a straight line back nearest point of relief, and then I'd hit my ball from there off onto the green.

Now if we move forwards now and we go to this situation and we find the ball here right behind the post, again in this situation it's a bit unfair. I can't really play my shot correctly. So I'd be able to take the post out of the ground, and then I’ll be able to play my shot from there. And often you'll find the post on the golf course are fairly easy to take out of the ground. Now, that I would class as a movable obstruction. It's quite easy to move it. There's no point for me moving my golf ball if I can lift that out and play. That's fine. If that won't come out to the ground, if it's been concreted and the greenkeepers don't want you to shift it, then treat it as an immovable obstruction and move your ball away.

So obstructions, immovable and movable obstructions that shouldn't require any penalties to get you away from them is not necessarily your fault there and you get a free drop away from them.