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So rule 17 now, we're looking at the rules that relate directly to the flagstick. Now such a simple thing as a flagstick still has its own pages within the rulebook to make sure that we don't fall foul of any issues with it. Now you join me here and I’ve got my balls slightly off the side of the green. I am off the green just about to putt on, I've chosen to putt this. Now in this situation I can actually have three things done with the flag. I can have the flag left in. I can have the flag attended or I can have the flag taken out. And actually any of those three things are fine, and I can't really cause myself a problem or a penalty from being here.

If the ball hits the flag, no problem at all. The only penalty I could get from here relating to the flagstick is if it was taken out lying flat on the ground and I then hit it that would be a penalty. So in this situation, there's no real risk. I'm okay with that. But as we move more on to the green now, as we find our ball on the green as soon as we move from the fringe to the green, the rules in relation to the flag can change slightly. From here I'm only allowed to have two things happen. I'm allowed to have the flag taken away completely or attended. I'm not allowed to have the flag left in. In fact if I hit my ball from here and it rolls down and hits against the flag, I get a penalty for that even if the ball goes in.

So it's kind of bittersweet. I hold the putt, lovely but I actually got a two shot penalty because I hit the flag. So it's important here I'd have the flag taken out or I’ve had the flag attended. Attended means somebody would hold on to it like this. When my ball starts rolling, they would pull the flag out and then the ball would go in. It's important that the person doesn't then put the flag right down at the back of the hole. Now if they did that and my ball was already rolling and then they did that, they would get the penalty because it's not my fault where they put it. So if you're the flag attendee, make sure you lift it out and take it well away and put it to one side.

But if they've taken the flag out and left it there before I hit my ball, and I hit my ball and I hit it a little bit too hard and it hits against the flagstick and stops, clearly that's a definite, definite penalty for me. I'm not allowed to do that. So be careful when you can and can’t have the flag attended. When it is taken out, make sure it's taken well out of the way and it's not going to cause you any problems. And obviously when you finish the game or when you finish the hole, put the flag back in nice and carefully so it doesn't damage the edge of the hole ready for the next group.