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So now we’ve got a rule that covers the disputes and the decisions. Now we hope as golfers that most of the time 99% of the time, there's no disputes, there’s no decisions. But occasionally with a with a 34 rule book that extends over a 180 pages with all the subsections, there will occasionally be a dispute or a decision where something isn't quite covered by the rules of golf or two different people interpret the rule in a different way. So it's important we have a procedure for if there is a dispute or a decision. Now sometimes out on the golf course you kind of want that decision or that dispute to be settled immediately.

And that isn't always the case. You know we might have to have a situation where we agree to disagree on the golf course. And we'll take that rule in where we can maybe do a bit more research, we can find out about it or we can take it to the committee and they can decide. Now sometimes on the tour when you are watching it on the TV there's a referee walking around with every group or every third group and they can just call the referee over. They can make a decision. But if that's not the case for you when you're actually on the golf course playing, what we might do is play our two-ball rule.

What I would suggest you do there is if we disagree with how we're going to play a particular ruling, I would take one ball from what my position where I think the ruling should take place. So let’s say there's a puddle here on the floor and I think I'm entitled to a free drop. So I'll take a free drop here, hit my ball from here and play that ball to its ultimate outcome. I would then if you say to me you are not allowed to take a free drop. I'm making you play it. I’ll put me [Indiscernible] [0:01:23] on. I’d get into the bunk – I’d get into the pond.

I’d play the ball out of the puddle, play that ball to its ultimate outcome. Mark down two scores. Even if the scores are different, write down both scores. Take that to the committee at the end and agree which ball was the right result. So it's not always that you can get a dispute finalized there and then on the golf course. Sometimes you have to play the two-ball rule, take it into the committee and get the final judgment there. Hopefully it doesn't leave a nasty taste in the mouth. There's no sort of bad blood between the two players. It's just a difference of opinions on the wording of the rules.

But hopefully if you carry a rulebook with you or get the app that you can keep on your phone, hopefully you'll find that by having that rulebook or the app with you, you can sort out most of the disagreements out on the golf course and there's not too many disputes or disagreements.