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Video Transcript

One of my favorite pitching tips is, to imagine that you’ve got the golf ball in your hand and you are just going to throw the golf ball onto the green. I think this really helps for two ways; it can help you visualize the shot; it can help you visualize where do I want the ball to land and how do I want it to react as it rolls down towards the hole. But it could also help you actually measuring and judging the length of your golf swing. So if I’ve got a very short chip shot, just onto the side of the green, I wouldn’t be standing here swinging the arm backwards and forwards like this, and therefore I don’t want to be standing there swinging club like this.

For a short chip shot, I would think about just tossing my arm backwards and forwards and throwing the ball gently onto the green and therefore swinging the club in a similar fashion. And I think, if you can go out onto the golf course with that mindset that, from near to the edge of the green when your pitching and chipping, imagine that you just make a little underhanded throw, land it on one section on the green and release it and then go ahead and play your chip shot in the same fashion. I think you’ll find your distances far better using that technique.