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So we were now looking at the golf shot where we are we were on a take off round, like a launch round, the ball is very much on a side slope, so really launch this one straight up into the air, so the heel is pointing exactly where I want the golf ball to go and it could look like the ball is going to fly really high from here. The problem with this is I struggle to get good contact from a golf uphill lie a lot of the time, lot of people in this position would actually be so far off balance when they make their swing but don't take advantage of the extra height the ball would get, because they are going to lean so far back they make bad contact and don't strike the golf ball and scuff it, so here is a couple of little helping hints that is going to help you understand how to play this shot. When you are setting up to the golf ball we have to question what is the slope trying to do to my swing, really everything is trying to pull me back down the hill, so I can fail in my setup I load my right leg too much. As soon as I make my back swing, I can feel everything coming away to my right-hand side. The feeling here is I am going to get on the outside of my right foot falling off the ball and therefore not be able to get good contact on the ball and certainly not been able to drive my way back up into my left side and followthrough. So I would end up too far on my right foot, often also swinging too flat around behind myself and too flat of a followthrough and getting a really awkward swing at the ball. So just be careful when you are on the slopes like a golf uphill lie, the swing wants to get flat, wants to get you back, and that’s going to cause a bad contact on the ball.