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This is a question that I have to answer fairly regularly, and most often on a Monday morning after I’ve watched golf on the Sunday night, and I’ve seen Jim Furyk win another tournament, win another $5 million. And I know Monday morning the first question I get is, how does he do that? How does Jim Furyk keep playing such good golf and winning so many good tournaments with the swing faults that he have? We all know Jim Furyk’s golf swing, or I hope you do. It comes up really steep but this way, crosses the line, drops back in, gets super tight to his legs, releases around his legs and has a reasonable looking follow through. But the real feature is this very steep and up back swing with the big drop inside on a downswing.

The question of how does he manage to play such good golf; can really be answered by his consistency. Although his swing doesn’t follow the rule book, it doesn’t look like everybody else’s that you see on TV. His golf swing just repeats and repeats and repeats. And he understands his swing, he understands the good bits, he probably understands the faults better than everybody else. He understands where the club should be, where it needs to be when he hits the golf ball. And he has a really good relationship between the clubface and the club path as he hits the ball. So the ball comes out with a nice consistent flight and he understands that. He also got very very good shot game. His shot game is to die for and that will count for a lot out in the year out on the tour.

One of the areas where Jim gets his golf swing into the best position that all of amateurs could learn from, is although the back swing goes up and he’s out of position into this area two and a half three feet before the ball, he is very good. And guess what? This is the important bit, this is the bit the ball cares and knows about. The ball doesn’t care or know what you’re doing up here, all the ball knows about is what path the club is travelling on, how the strike is, what the face is looking like, and how it actually strikes the golf ball. So although Jim Furyk has a few weird and wonderful loops, the bottom half of his swing is very good. And believe you me it’s nothing to do with look. Jim Furyk has had that golf swing his whole life he hasn’t really changed it very much, it’s very consistent and as is he – he’s consistent in what he does, he’s consistent in the way he plays, and he is very consistent in what he wins, which an awful lot of money.