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If you find yourself in a situation on the golf course where you’ve got the ball on an uphill slope so the slope is rising up here to the green at the top of the hill, we’ve got to try and factor in a couple of variables that will change the way you play the shot. Now the first thing to do is try and compensate for the fact that you’re on the hill by aligning your body evenly with the hill. So if you want to up slope my left foot would normally be higher. What I’m actually going to do here is tilt my spine angle to match the hill.

So if it’s a slight hill be a slight tilt, if it’s an aggressive steep hill I’ll really lean back. I’m actually trying to get my shoulders parallel to the hill and my spine angle quite aggressively tilted that way when I make my swing I’m more inclined to swing the club along the angle of the hill rather than jabbing the club into the hill. You can imagine if I leant into the hill, the hill’s this way, I am hitting down it’d just be too steep.

So I’m actually going to try and tilt myself and then swing up the line of the hill. That’s the best way that you can get a nice smooth contact, and get the ball nice and high up into the air. One of the consideration is from that position the ball will generally move from right to left in the air and finish left of your intended target.

That happens because your body weight is going to be a little bit too far back and you probably going to swing around yourself more and that will turn the ball to the left of target. So the thing to do when you’re on these up slopes is aim a little bit to the right for the right handed golfer, align your shoulders and the spine angle perpendicular to the hill, and then make a nice even balanced swing, expect the ball to fly quite high and to turn from right to left in the air. And that’s how to get the best out of uphill sloping golf shots.