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So, the hope is now that we can start to avoid the pushed putts. So we look before the reasons why you might be pushing the putts, and we talked about the fact that there may be too much early head motion. So in my stroke, I was very conscious to really roll the ball in and keep my head down and only really listen or just look with my eyes, but not make a big head motion. So try and focus on that next time you’re practicing on the putts in green that you listen for the ball dropping into the hole, and you certainly don't watch the ball off the clubface. That should encourage you to keep your head more stable and avoid pushing your putts.

The second thing we want to be better off doing is making a shorter backswing and the longer follow-through, so effectively accelerating into the putt. Anybody that's making short putts by having big backstrokes will generally decelerate into the ball. That means the club is coming down a bit of sort of a wishy-washy non-committed angle and can open up and actually block the ball right of the target. I would rather say a golfer make a short backstroke and a more accelerated follow-through, so a short back long through. I think that would really help you to accelerate through to keep the putts are on line to not push your putts.

And one of the considerations would just be the fact that you need to really release the club correctly if you're making an arcing stroke. So my stroke is generally pretty straight back straight through. But if I was making an arcing stroke and I was further away from the ball and have the club inside here, if I didn't release, that ball could go out to the right-hand side in quite a big pushed method. So I would generally try and help the ball come back online with a release through here. So in the follow-through of an arcing stroke that club should not be aiming at the target, it should be aiming slightly down the left-hand side of the target. So it would come back, come through and the club left. And if I can just let my hands not necessarily rotate in turn, but just let them drift around on the similar arc, that's going to stop the ball pushing out to the right. Those three alterations are the three things I'd like to change to stop the ball pushing to the right of your putts.