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Video Transcript

Now Boo Weekley is one of the real characters on tour, and what would we do watching golf on tour without the characters. You’ve got to love a bit of Boo Weekley. Now when you watch the way he plays the game, he plays slightly differently to a lot of players and he plays with a very strong grip. A grip that when you look at it think, “This golf ball is only going to go left surely.” From this position left hand round to three knuckles, right hand sits underneath the grip. Sure this is just going to shut the club face down and hike it way down the left side. Well, although Boo Weekley has had his troubles, he’s been on tour down into the nationwide tour and back up to the PGA Tour again. He is quite able to control this ability to – or this sort of desire to shut the club face. He is able to control that quite nicely and he does this with a very fast leg action. He really works hard with his legs to keep the legs effectively in front of the club face.

So when we grip the club in such a strong fashion as Boo Weekley does, we generally see the club face would be inclined to come back a little bit closed and then finish the top of the back swing quite a closed position as well. This angle here more sort of facing up to the sky is where Boo Weekley gets it rather than square it would be down the left forearm here. He tends to get it a little bit close to the top. For most club and amateur golfers from here closed at the top not working their legs particularly quickly this faces left, this ball is going to hook. But Weekely works incredibly hard from driving his legs really, quickly, really throwing the legs across, throwing the hips across as well. He’s able to keep that club face open for a little bit longer by being very dynamic. The face is open, he hits the ball down the right side with a [Indiscernible] [0:01:46] draw and if he slowed his legs down, it hits in that pouch.

So if you’re prone to hooking the golf ball just consider, is your grip too strong? Or is your leg action too slow? If you can modify your grip to neutralize it a little bit that would be great. If you can keep driving that leg action hard that should also work on taking the left side of the golf course out of play a little bit more like Boo Weekley.