two tee drill 1

    Maximizing your driving distance requires accelerating into and through the ball. One key difference between pros and amateurs is that the pro’s swing appears to be fastest after contact, while the amateur’s reaches top speed before impact. 

    Here’s a great drill to make sure you’re accelerating into and beyond the ball. 

    1. Tee up a ball for your driver, then place a second tee (without ball) in the ground about 8-12 inches in front of your ball, on the target line.

    2. On the downswing, imagine that you’re trying to hit a ball on the second tee. Be careful not to move your eyes and head toward the second tee – focus on the ball just as you would for a normal drive.

    By “chasing” the second tee with the clubhead, you’ll naturally accelerate at the proper time, maxing out in those critical inches just before and after impact.

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