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If you’ve been playing golf for any significant amount of time, you will have heard the phrase, hit from the inside of the golf ball. Now you might be thinking, well, what is the inside, how do I get there and what kind of benefits will it bring? The first thing to say is, the inside of the ball relates back to swinger path, so how your club is actually moving through the ball and the path which it’s taking. If your slice of the club will be moving kind of around to in or over the top, if you hit pushes or big hooks your club will be moving probably too much from the inside to out. So, you want to be, to kind of get the, kind of best club face and swing path, it needs to be coming from slightly on the inside to square to slightly on the inside coming through, and that’s the easiest way to get the straightest shots.

Now, a nice way to think about it when you are on the course or when you are on the driving range is to stand over a ball and in your mind split the ball into quarters. So, half it across the middle, half it lengthways and you’ll get a full, kind of, different kind of points of the ball which to aim for. The point of the ball you should be aiming for is this inside quarter here. And if you can consistently hit that point there, that will show you you’re coming from the inside path that we need to be hitting the straightest shots. So, when you are on the range split the ball into quarters and just aim for that inside quarter. And if you can effectively move from that inside path square the club face at impact and then rotate around and let in the club face release, you will be hitting the straightest shots you’ve ever hit before. So give that a go, hopefully if can implement it into your game you’ll be hitting some fantastic shots.