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Video Transcript

For a lot of left-handed golfers there’s quite a lot of confusion for what their head should be doing throughout the swing, should it be moving back and forth laterally, should it have a little bit of up and down movement, or should it stay dead central and not move at all. In the whole what you want to be seeing is a nice still head. You want it to be keeping pretty much in the same spot until after you’ve hit the ball. After you’ve hit the ball it then kind of rises up naturally as you get into a full finish position. But during the back swing and the through swing you want to be keeping the head nice and still, nice and central, and not really kind of shifting much at all.

If you just start moving up and down and side to side, unfortunately – well fortunately, you’re head is connected to your body and your spine so if your head shifts back this way you whole body will as well. If your head shifts back this way and then your body stays in the same position then you’ve got a lot more problems than your golf swing. So what you want to be seeing is the head to be staying nice and central if you’re in a back swing and then as you turn this right hip through and then transfer on to the front foot, the head should also be staying nice and still. At impact after you’ve hit the ball it can then lift and come through with the rest of the body. But in general you want to be keeping the head nice and still during the backswing, nice and still during the through swing.

Though I just clip one away solid posture keeping the head nice and still in the backswing and then on the way through I’m able to lift up and away and it won’t affect like the strike on the ball with the overall ball flight because that’s already gone. So give that a go, keep your head nice and central, nice and still, feel like the rest of the body is actually turning around that fixed point. Just imagine a point just in the middle of your forehead where you turn in around and then turn in through and then you can transfer up to that full finish position, then give that a go head nice and still and you’ll improve the consistency of your ball striking.