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Video Transcript

Throughout golf one of things which need to be precise, which needs to be correct, is the way to set up to the ball. So, whether it will be a drivers swing, an iron swing, a bunker shot or as we doing here a chip shot, the set up needs to be precise, it needs to be accurate because it’ll give the best chance if reducing a more solid contact with the ball and a better shot. Now with chipping if just a basic kind chip and run shot one thing which you need to create at address are impact factors. So what I mean by that is as you are getting set up to a chip shot normally on a full swing your feet will be kind of square, your hips will be squared to the target line because you turn your hips through the shot. Now, with a chip you don’t have the time to turn those hips through consistently. So what you have to do is set them open.

So set the feet open slightly, set the hips open slightly and that will create an impact kind of factor there with the hips. With the shoulders you want to be keeping those square to the target line. So you don’t want those to be kind of drifting open as well, you want them nice and square to your target line. So you’re feet and hips are set open to shoulders and nice and square. So that’s the first part of your set up. The second part you set…your chipping set to be want get right is your weight distribution. Now on a normal shot you want pretty much 50/50 on each foot with the chipping set up you wanting more towards your front foot.

So you want about 60, 70% of the weight on to your front leg here and what that I will do in combination with again those hands slightly ahead of the ball you will create a downward strike on to the ball and that’s the best way to achieve consistency and consistent results because you will have more control over the spin of the ball. So once again just to go through the kind of set of routine, just the feet and hips slightly open, shoulders square, weight a little bit for 60-70% those hands are ahead and then striking down and through the ball. So you use that set up when you chipping and hopefully you see a lot more consistency around the green and if you get more consistent around the greens then your score will begin to drop and hopefully your handicap as well.