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Video Transcript

During a golf swing is very important that you actually control the way you move your weight through the swing to help deliver the most amount of power to the ball as you can. This is especially important with the longer clubs, I’ve got here the driver, to actually keep the weight a little bit more and keep you south a little bit more, just behind the ball it impacts. It’s especially important with the longer clubs because they have the least amount of loft, and what you want to do with those is really sweep them away, rather than strike down and through. That’s because like I said they’ve got the least amount of loft, you need to be swinging upwards, catching them on an upward swing knock and launching them away off up into the air.

So staying behind the ball, kind of at impacts with the drive, it’s not always easy to do because you really want to transfer your weight and launch yourself into the ball. What you don’t want to do kind of in reverse of that is actually as you swinging back have a big sway over to your back side here. That would be the worst thing to do because then you’ll have to come all the way back into impact. So you need to get yourself setup in a nice strong position here and then as you turn away, just feel like your sternum, is turning back and behind the ball into this position. And then what you want to be doing as you turn through is keeping your sternum back at impact, so obviously the level or just behind the ball.

What do you want to do? You want to be keeping pretty much your weight central like say you don’t want to be swaying back, you don’t want to be swaying forward, with your setup you can see the ball is already forward in the stands. So your sternum back, sternum behind the ball turning through, sternum behind the ball and that will help, you hit the ball on note wood chop, good swing actually to say and really long start shot up in a way. So get yourself setup, swing the club away, sternum behind, and as you could swing through, keep the sternum behind the ball again. And if you can manage to do that especially with the longer clubs, you’ll soon start to see the consistency of your striking proof and especially with the drive in three wood, you’re overall distance improves as well, so give that a go, implement that into your game and I’m sure you’ll see an improvement.