We often hear about hybrid golf clubs or utility golf clubs sometimes called rescue clubs. And I think for a lot of people that conjures up images that you only need this hybrid golf club when you got yourself in a bad situation. I'm going to go against that to a certain extent and I'm going to suggest you use the hybrid golf club to not put yourself in that rescuable situation, not put yourself in that bad place. So I like to see a lot of golfers using hybrid golf clubs or rescue golf clubs whatever you want to call them to actually keeping it playing, keep it safe, so using quite often off the tee. So you see a lot of golfers they will take 18 holes, par 3 they'll use irons, par 4, par 5 they'll always take driver. So you got 14 drivers and four irons. I actually like to mix into that maybe as many as six hybrid golf clubs off the tee during your round of golf.

So pick them six most difficult holes or the six longest par 3's or a couple of long par 3 and a couple of difficult holes. So the benefit of doing this is generally a hybrid golf club little bit shorter in the shaft that's easier to control, little bit more consistent on the strike because of that. And also if you get the right loft on the golf club, you're producing quite a lot of backspin. Now the backspin is the natural enemy of curving spin taking the ball left to right, right to left. So we want the ball back spinning this way, and if there is any curve spin, it will tilt axis very slightly. If you have a ball that's not back spinning much, it's much easier to tilt axis and spin the ball too much sideways which is why most people say, "I hit my irons fine but I when I get to my driver, it just curves offline, it's just the tilted spin is not spinning, this way it's spinning this way.

So if you can use a golf club that has plenty of lofts, it's much more difficult to tilt axis of that spin and keep the ball much straighter. So simple experiment, simple test take 10 balls down at the driving range with your driver and take 10 balls down the driving range with your hybrid golf club. And just work out how wide their landing. What you might find is, yes the best shots that you hit will come from the driver, but I would almost guarantee the worst shots you hit will also come from the driver, whereas the hybrid golf club, the rescue golf club whatever you want to call it is probably going to give you a more accurate, a more consistent dispersion of your shots. Then you apply that out on the golf course and you look at those holes where a bad shot is going to cost you double. So not just a bad shot will put me on someone else's fairway, that's all right you can play off somebody else's fairway, but if that bad shot is going to put you out of balance, simply don't bring in the possibility of hitting that bad shot by taking your driver.

Take your hybrid golf club, keep it in play. So manage your way around the golf course by using your hybrids. Then you've also got par 3's. I've often see people trying to struggle onto par 3s by hitting very long irons. Now if you're going to a par 3 with a three or four iron, the nature of the flight of that three or four iron is generally quite low, it's quite a penetrating flight, therefore when it lands it might release up to green, it doesn't have a great deal of backspin. Now most par 3s are probably going to have danger, bunkers, humps, mound, maybe even ponds are the front of the green. So you got to clear the pond and then get the ball to stop. Now hybrid golf club is perfectly position to do that it has lots of weight low and deep, enough loft on the face to give it a height, yet still a lightweight graphite shaft and quite a long shaft to give you enough distance.

If you then play that ball on a small tee peg, so positioning around about half the width of the golf ball above the crown of the golf club, and then sweep the ball off your front foot. So play the ball nicely forward in the stance sweeping it away off the tee, you'll find it towering high iron flight comes in, lands, and stops fairly quickly, so it's towering high hybrid flight goes nice and high, lands, stops fairly quickly, whereas the more penetrating iron flight might land at the front of the green and release over. So have a consideration of how many times you should be using hybrid clubs or rescue golf clubs off the tee in your round. And I reckon the more you use this, the less your score will be.

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