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With multiple major wins, 85 tournament victories worldwide and 330 weeks as the world’s best player ranked number one out of every professional golfer Greg Norman has to be considered one of the best golfers of the modern era. He wasn’t only one of the best golfers as far as the numbers are concerned, as far as the statistics are concerned but he was also loved by golf fans around the world for how he played the game and how he approached the shot, he was always exciting to watch and he never failed to entertain the spectators.

Now one of the best things about Greg Norman’s swing was the speed and the actual power which he managed to generate in the golf swing, technically he had a lot of sound fundamentals that he was able to move the club through impact very, very fast right up until the point where you reach the top of the swing and he always has a massive recoil as the club almost bounced off his back and then flew back forwards.

Now that in itself is not a technical move because the ball is already gone you know you can’t affect it at that point in the swing, but what he did show was that the actual speed of the swing was so high that without that recoil he wont actually be able to maintain his balance. Now the way he generated that speed was coming through impact driving the hips forward, really moving them towards the target before turning very, very aggressively.

Now as Greg Normans moved those hips and really turned the club almost acted with a bit of a whiplash effect and flew around the body as he actually turned, and the speed generated was enough that he had that whip effect. So if you’re looking for almost a bit of a clue is how fast your swing is going get them hips moving, bumping and turning, and if you manage to get that little bit of a whip off the shoulder off the top of the swing its highly likely you would have moved to that club very, very fast indeed. So learn from Greg’s swing, increase your power and increase your distance.