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If I have limited mobility should I just use my arms in the golf swing? Now first of all if you have limited mobility and you have injuries or kind of factors that affect your movement the first thing to say is you need to seek medical advice before you actually start to play and start to swing. If you have limited mobility within your body something must be going wrong somewhere and to actually try and force yourself into changes that your body might not be used could actually give lasting effects and lasting damage, so if you are thinking of taking of the game or you are thinking of continuing to play and you do have limited mobility always seek the advice of a medical professional first. Now if you can actually turn the body you can get rotations which you need to, there are something's you can do to try and hit consistent shots.

Now the first thing to do, the first thing to actually practice and the first thing to actually do to just use the arms is to get the feet close together with this drill get the ball bang in the middle of the stance and just hit a few shots just using the hands and the arms to swing back and through. Now in that position you will be able to generate a certain amount of power to actually shift the ball a decent distance. If you want to advance from that and get those feet a little bit wider pause they would be in a normal swing, you can hit shots with the hips and the shoulders and the knees square unto the ball and just feeling like you are using the arms and the hands to turn back in and through.

From this position as well you will be able to get a certain amount of distance, however it will never really compare to the amount of power you can get by rotating the shoulders and rotating the hips throughout the swing. It could be a case if you have limited mobility that there's no so much an injury that it could be just a certain lack of flexibility and a certain lack of strength, but again in that situation seek the advice of a personal trainer or a muscle injury specialist or a fitness specialist and they will be able to guide you in a much better direction. So you can play the game however you want if you have limited mobility you can just use the hands and the arms however if you are a little bit inflexible try and make sure that you give yourself the chance to rotate and to turn properly, there will be a lot more distant and a lot better shots available to you if you can.