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Video Transcript

So here I'm going to play a bunker shot from wet sand. When I take my setup, it's a normal setup but this time I'm only going to aim for one inch of sand.

And you can see that when I've hit that shot, there was much less sand splashing up around the golf ball. So when you're playing this shot, what I would suggest you do is that you set up in a normal fashion with the face open and the feet open. But just aim for one inch, don’t screw the feet in quite so deep. If you can, stand a little bit further away from the golf ball so that your swing becomes a little bit more rounded. We don’t want the club to be coming up and down too steeply in the golf ball. Playing a bunker shot from wet sand is often considered quite difficult. Because the hard packed nature of the sand would generally reduce the speed that the club can come in to the golf ball and make it much feel like a bit of a heavier contact.

So it's quite well worth practicing these shots because they are very different from the normal soft sand. Now here's a tip for you to create the wet sand effect I've had here. So I've simply just raked all the dry sand to one side, all of this stuff. Until I got down to the wet sand which is still wet from the last time it rained. So if it's rained the last three or four days or even if you got sprinkler systems on your practice area that would wet the sand, scrape all the dry sand to one side. Therefore you've got your wet sand area. One inch of sand this time, not screwing the feet in too much. And a nice rounded angle of attack. And hopefully that will help you improve on your wet sand bunker shots.