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I'm a big fan of getting on the golf course first thing in the morning. I think there's nothing better than being out there with just you and the green keepers out on the golf course. But there's a couple of little provisions that you ought to make. If you're playing early in the morning, particularly, when there's been a heavy due overnight and the golf course is still a little bit damp and the sun hasn't been on it to dry it out just yet, there's a couple of things to look out for.

Firstly, just take an extra towel in your golf bag, just because effectively the ground conditions will be the same as if you're playing in the rain. So you need a little bit of extra sort of drying of your golf clubs or drying of your golf balls. So just put an extra towel in the bag for that reason.

Also, that when you're playing your shots off the fairway, off the semi rough, again, like playing in the rain, there will be moisture between the club and the golf ball. The ball will be wet, the club face will be wet. As you strike the golf ball, there is a chance that you'll get a flyer lie. A flyer lie or a flyer shot is effectively where the moisture between the club and the ball reduce the balls back speed, and it just goes a little bit further and certainly, when it lands on the green, it doesn't stop and it doesn't react as well. So just be conscious of getting a flyer lie, like you would do from normal wet grass or in the rain, that early morning dew would create the same problem.

Then when your golf ball actually gets to the green, just make sure that you always mark your the golf ball between puts and give it a good wipe down on the clean. It will be wet but it will also be quite muddy. So just be conscious of that.

When you're hitting puts towards the hole, try and hit them a little bit firmer with a little bit less break. Slower greens and wet greens would generally break a bit less and a little bit more hitting. And one other thing is that if the greens, if you are out very early and the greens just still got the dew on them, when you've played, you'll actually see a little curve, a little mark in the floor from how the ball rolls and reacts over the break and the barrow, then you can actually use that to look at all the people's puts prior to you playing and just see what that puts have done.

So if you're in the golf course, putting towards the hole, and there's a similar blind, a similar tracer on the floor going in the same direction that your puts going in, you can go to school on that, you can look at the other thing with that ball there turned left to right, right to left. You can utilize that and then go ahead and play the same sort of break, or if you've watch their put, and their put is missed, you can aim on a different line to try and get your put in. So often, you can actually go to school on people who played prior to you is they've left the marks on the green.

So as a few little tips if you're playing out early in the morning. The other big tip, put a smile on your face and enjoy. It's the best part of the day to play golf.