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Video Transcript

Now we can’t really talk about professional golf swings, but they are actually looking at Jim Furyk swing. He is actually one of the most recognizable swings out there on tour and he gives club golfers and amateur golfers hope up and down the country that well if that swing works, surely my swings is not that bad.

Now when you analyze Furyk’s swing in detail you will see there is a lot of really unorthodox movements but all combined to produced one position just before impact which is actually solid. So if Furyk sets up to the golf ball from this angle, very, very close to it, very, very narrow and his hands are right down low, picks the golf club almost vertically into the backswing, that makes it very aggressive loop and drop back in motion, the right elbow pulls right and behind his body, he fires his hips and his legs very aggressively and his hands are incredibly close to his legs right here, but the one thing you will notice is in the right position is this putt. Now this is the only putt that hits the golf ball, so as long as he gets that bit squared up at impact, the rest of it doesn’t necessarily matter to him. And his dad was a golf coach as well. So I guess his dad spent all the day talking about where this is and not about making this golf swing look pretty.

Furyk certainly a very good player so he clearly understands where the club face is all the time in his swing and he makes this little unorthodox movement, but he gets the club face back to the ball. So if your swing isn’t the best and isn’t that prettiest, isn’t a nice looking, nicest looking thing in the world, but you have control over your club face, there is still some hope. I am not suggesting you got out and copy Jim Furyk’s golf swing far from it, but you can certainly copy the approach that he takes on getting the club face back to the ball. If you get that club face back to the ball nicely, it doesn’t have to look that prettiest golf swing in the world.