Toe Up Backswing

Although fairly simplistic, the “toe-up” golf practice swing is one of the best tips in golf. We’ll show you how it’s done, and how to take it to the next level for improved accuracy. 

Classic “Toe-Up” drill: 

  • Using your standard setup, initiate your backswing and stop when the shaft is parallel to the ground. The toe of the club should point to the sky. If not, this indicates your body, arms and hands are not turning away from the ball correctly.
  • Next, instead of continuing the backswing, start your downswing and continue through until the shaft is again parallel to the ground. Check the club’s toe; it should again point to the sky.
  • Repeat this mini-swing between the two checkpoints until muscle memory is achieved. Once you’re able to reliably produce the correct positions at both checkpoints, you can progress the training drill to hitting golf balls. This will demonstrate the drill’s effectiveness in producing a straighter ball flight.

To make this drill even more productive, take advantage of the shot alignment feature designed into the top plane of Thomas Golf brand equipment (pictured at right). Improved “Toe-Up” Drill: 

Follow the same three steps listed above, but instead of looking at the toe of the club, look at the shot alignment indicator. At each checkpoint (backswing and follow-through), the shaft and the indicator should be parallel to the ground to assure the club is in correct position. This feedback is more reliable than looking at the toe, because the toe’s rounded shape can appear to be positioned properly when it’s actually off by many degrees. 

There’s another big advantage to using a Thomas Golf club for this drill: You can add a checkpoint at the impact zone. When the clubhead is at the spot of impact with the ball, the indicator should point directly down your target line. 

Grab any iron, wood, hybrid or driver designed by Thomas Golf and try it yourself; you’ll be impressed by the resulting, straighter golf shots.