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Video Transcript

Golf in its simplest form is a target game. I have an object here that I want to hit towards a target over there. Whether it’s the fairway, the green, or actually the flag itself is my target. So accuracy and alignment become very, very important in any target related game. Now, so a part of the process – a lot of people actually rush through when they set up they throw the club down one quick look at the flag and then they’ve gripped it, and there’s no telling the club face is square or whether the feet and the body are square to the target. And really they should be to make it the simplest game possible we want A in everything, that’s our target.

So it’s important when we set up that we stand back behind the ball and pick an object out in front of us. Ideally aim for something that’s around about a club length ahead. So you pick the ball and you pick a spot about a club length ahead, that’s directly in the line of the flag. You will then set up with the club behind the ball looking exactly over the spot you’ve picked and ultimately up to the flag. And then just check that the leading edge of the golf club is exactly perpendicular to that line 90 degrees and square. If that’s the case then I should be able to just lift the golf club up in front of me and it should be vertical. If it’s twisted, open, or closed when I bring that down it won’t look right. So get it square and bring it down pointing at my spot. I can then set my body up which is my toes, knees, hips, and shoulders all parallel to that same line. Nice, easy way of doing that would be to take my club, and if I just pop a ball down here that’s my marker that I want to hit over, I can put my club shaft on top of those two balls and then like a train line I want to stand exactly parallel to that rail. So there’s one rail, there’s another rail. So it’s effectively that my club and ball are on that line, and my feet and body are on this line. And I set up there to there, I’ve now got my object over there but I can actually swing straight over the top off.

And if my swing could be nice and square as it’s coming through and heading in the direction of the target with the club face also pointing in the direction of the target, I should hit shots that not only take off straight but don’t actually spin too much in the air. If there is a difference between the angle of the swing path and the aiming point of the golf club, that’s when we start to create a spin. So the ball starts to curve in the air, and the bigger the difference between the path and the face the bigger the amount of curve in the air. So if you can get everything aimed correctly swinging in a straight direction and with a straight and flat clubface, you’ve generally got the best chance to keep the ball nice and straight which will help improve your accuracy.