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Video Transcript

So the previous video to this one covers how strong a grip can favor the draw shot, and likewise this video now is going to be a weak grip can favor a fade shot. So with weak grip, it’s not necessarily too light in terms of pressure; it’s more about the position or location of the hands. If the left hand is turned around to the left a little bit more so maybe we can just see one knuckle, one and a half knuckle and the right hand sits a little bit more on top for the right-handed golfer. That would now be positioning quite a weak position. So during the swing, it’s quite difficult for the clubface to rotate. The clubface is more inclined to aim slightly to the right of the swing path and that’s exactly what we need to do to produce a fade.

A fade shot would start down the left hand side and move back to the right for the right-handed golfer. So what we need to do here is have the clubface pointing down the left and the swing path is even more down the left and the clubface will be pointing slightly to the right of the path. So not necessarily right of target but definitely right of path. So the weaker grip, the one knuckle, one and a half knuckle grip and the right hand nicely on top of the grip then with the swing that’s more down that left hand side, the clubface will be held slightly open to the path, and those are the key components we need to produce a left to right ball flight. That’s why a weaker grip can favor a fade.