Video Series

Video Transcript

So during this next little mini series, we’re going to work on how you can improve, how you can improve on your shanked golf shots. So if you’re shanking the golf ball, firstly we need to prove how that’s happening? Why that’s happening and then how to improve that technique? Now for most golfers, the shank – I mean some people don’t even talk about the word shank. The shank is the most embarrassing, most horrendous word they could say.

I’ve had sat down with countless lessons and have just said you know that things happening again, you mean the s word that we’re not allowed talk about? Yeah, yeah, it’s that thing. So people are so afraid of saying the shank, just in case they get worse. But the shank is a golf ball that hits the heel of the golf club, the hosel. It’s sometimes called a hosel rocket. It hits in here, right in the heel, the hosel of the golf club. Sometimes it’s the heel on the face just at the same time the ball will very dramatically, very quickly shoot off to the right hand side. And sometime frustratingly go quite a long way to the right hand side.

It doesn’t just pee roll across the floor here. Sometimes it really veers off and really shoots off, hence the hosel rocket. And this thing could go 30, 40, 50, 60 yards into the bushes. Now the problem for most golfers when this happens is the lack of confidence they have in every way of the shot with an eye in particularly when they’re chipping and pitching after that point. And I would go as far as to say that the golfers who I’ve helped and I’ve cured off the shanks and sometimes it’s that, you can cure somebody off the shanks, they’re probably the most grateful clients I ever have for golf lessons.

I’ve liked to think that everyone that improves in a golf lesson is grateful to some degree of how they’re now playing better golf and enjoying it. But there’s nobody more grateful than someone that’s been shanking the golf ball and then to a certain degree we can rid them off the shanks and get them straighter and they really do start to enjoy the game more. They enjoy the leisure time more. They’re not worried about playing golf. They’re not worried about their playing partner standing a yard in front of them over there.

They’re not worried about the club house windows off the first tee. Certainly they have the confidence to step up to the golf ball knowing they’re going to use the big juicy part of the club face and hit the ball straight down the middle. So if you’ve been struggling with the shanks, this next little mini series is ideally targeted to you to help you improve those shanks, rid them from your game and start enjoying the game of golf a little bit more.