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As well as the towel drill is a fantastic drill that you can use to help bottom out that swing arc, where you want it to be which is after the ball. Now a lot of them put an object behind the ball like the towel you can put something ahead of the ball to give you that same sensation. And you can also take that away and use this drill in a slightly different way which we’ll also go through. So what you can do for this, if you just take a ball and normally within your setup, you're obviously going to be with a 7-iron here putting just forward of center. And you are just going to be focusing on trying to hit that ball away. On this particular drill what I want you to do is take your focus away from the ball, and move it on to an object which is just a few inches ahead.

Now I've got this rubber tee here. So I want to drive to arrange my -- if you're on a grass range you can have just an old tee peg. It doesn't really matter. It's just something which is soft, something which will give way, but something you can use as a target after the shot. Now the whole point of this is if you're going to setup to a ball here, but your target to hit is here, you should be able to shift your body a little bit more off to the left-hand side. And by focusing on the tee peg, if you hit that you should be bottoming out the club after the ball and swing arc. The ball will simply get in the way of where the club is traveling. So it's getting set up and then all I am focusing on here is the tee. So my eyes are actually on the tee as well and I am swing through just try and clip it as I hit the shot.

So you can hear as I came through that I hit the ball pretty well. The club went down. It just clipped the top of the tee peg as I went through. So a very good drill to use to help you focus on bottoming out your swing arc after the ball. Another great way to do this drill and if you don't have an object to place before them, after the ball on the target side you can just put the ball further forward in the stance. So you get set up to your normal shot which will be in the middle just forward of center should I say with the 7-iron. But the whole object of this is to actually hit the ball again and you have to shift your weight massively off to the left-hand side to make good contact. It's the same process. It’s the same theory is about getting the body shifting further off to the left hand side and getting the club travelling later in a swing arc getting the club arc after impact striking the ball first and taking a bit more of a divot.